How does a library benefit Charles City County?

The people benefit. Nearly ten percent of Charles City County residents live below the poverty line and county schools struggle to meet state and federal standards and goals. Not only does a new county library provide important resources for school-aged children, but it also benefits the area’s workforce and businesses by serving as an entry point for new technology users and allowing job seekers to search and apply for jobs online.

The community benefits. The books, DVDs, computers, internet access and programs benefit the county in many obvious ways, but the library plays another powerful role that is not as apparent. Because Charles City County is physically spread out and lacking in traditional means of connecting, a library provides a much-needed venue where the community can come together.

The county benefits.  A new library facility makes Charles City more attractive for businesses and residents, paving the way for development in the courthouse area. According to Making Cities Stronger: Public Library Contributions to Local Economic Development, a study published in 2007, libraries attract high levels of foot traffic, complement neighboring retail and cultural destinations, and contribute to quality of life. 

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